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Grievance Redressal Cell

As part of our constant endeavor to ensure transparency in all the activities at different stages, College provides proper mechanism to students for redressal of their grievances. This committee will deal with all the Grievances directly which is related to the common problems at Institute level both Academic and Administrative. The aggrieved member shall submit his/her petition to the HOD and if its solved HOD may forward it to Grievance Redressal Committee. On receipt of a petition the Grievance Redressal Committee will endeavor to send its recommendation to the Principal for further action. In case of false and frivolous complaint (if proved), the Grievance Redressal Committee will recommend Principal/ Disciplinary Authority to take appropriate action against the complainant. 



Ms. Neethu George


Ms. Philomina KJ
Dr. Silvi TS
Mr. Abdul Bari KK
Ms. Lintu Jose
College Union Chairman

 Grievances can be sent by email to the following department wise mail ids.


Grievance Redressal Process

 This cell is established with an aim and objective to provide students an easy and readily accessible mechanism for prompt disposal of their day to day grievances.

 Grievance procedure for redressal of grievances of students is as follows:

First stage (Department level):

The aggrieved student represents his/her grievance either in person or in writing to the HoD in the dept, which is acknowledged. 

 Second stage (Grievance Redressal Committee):

If the student is not satisfied, he/she may request the HoD to forward his/her grievance to the grievance redressal committee constituted. Committee will send its recommendation to the Principal for further action.

Third stage (Academic and College Council Committee):

If the student is not satisfied, he/she may request the Grievance redressal committee to forward his/her grievance to the Academic and College Council Committee comprising the following members

  1. Concerned Head of the Department
  2. College Council Members
  3. Principal

The above committee will address the issue/grievance and the recommendations shall be communicated to the concerned student within 15 days. 




UGC Regulations on Grievance Redressal Cell
Grievance Redressal Policy
Report 2021-22
Report 2020-21
Report 2019-20
Report 2018-19
Report 2017-18

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Mr. Sanoop Kumar P V
Asst.Professor, Department of Tourism, Pazhassiraja College

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Mr. Akhil Agastin
Junior Superintendent, Pazhassiraja College

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